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-Until September 1995, the band consisted of: Danny Carey (drums), Maynard James Keenan (vocals), Adam Jones (guitar), and Paul D'Amour (bass).

However, Paul is no longer with the band; as is often the case, due to "creative differences." He had apparently lost some interest in the band, and was consequently holding up the writing process.

In early November 1995, Justin Chancellor (of the band Peach) signed on with Tool as their new bassist. And he is damn good.

Paul is still on good terms with the band.

-Tool was formed in 1990, when Danny and Paul met Adam and Maynard. Danny explains, "I met Adam through Tom Morello of Rage (Against The Machine). And I was living beside Maynard. I never auditioned for them (Keenan and Jones). I felt kinda sorry for them, because they would invite people over to play, and they wouldn't show up, so I'd fill in." Danny had previously played drums for bands including Green Jelly. Paul had gone to California to work in the film business, which at the time was Adam's profession. (Adam had already done special effects for Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and Predator 2). Early on, Tool toured with Rollins Band, Rage Against The Machine and Fishbone. (Adam had gone to high school with Morello). Eventually, they moved from second stage to main stage at Lollapalooza '93, where they pretty much blew everyone away.

According to Bass Player Magazine (3/97), when Tool first called up Justin, he at first turned them down: "Peach had broken up about six months before, and I was forming a new band with the guitarist. It was pretty tough; I felt really loyal to this friend of mine, whom I'd played with since I was 14. But then I decided I couldn't deny myself this opportunity." Justin had actually played bass on "Sober" at the widely-bootlegged show at Shepherd's Bush, before joining the band. Tool had met him while Peach was opening for them that year.

- In a 1994 interview, Danny says that the band's name stands for how they want their music to be a tool to aid in understanding lachrymology. But if you don't buy the whole lachrymology thing, there's always the obvious answer.

-What's "lachrymology" and what does it have to do with Tool?

This was a frequently asked question back in 1994; Tool stopped spreading these rumors long ago. But for posterity's sake...

It has been widely decided that "lachrymology," the science of crying as a therapy, is just another one of the elaborate wild tales Tool made up in order to keep us (or them) entertained. But because they make so much mention of it, it is worth going into here, even though it appears to be a total cock-up. (Go ahead, do a web search for "lachrymology" and see how many non-Tool pages you find).

"One of the unifying forces in the band is the philosophy/religion known as Lachrymology, founded in the 1940s by Ronald P. Vincent. Lachrymology translates literally to "the study of crying." The basic tenet, evident in the band's music, is that the greatest road to advancement is through pain--emotional and physical. Hence the band's name." (Carleton Univ. Newspaper; 2/16/94).

Vincent (supposedly) wrote a book in 1949 called _The Joyful Guide to Lachrymology_ which (supposedly) was the band's original inspiration. Vincent suggested that people can only advance themselves by exploring and understanding their physical and emotional pain.

-What kind of equipment does the band use?

The answer here is by no means definitive; this information has been collated from various magazines as well as observant people, may not be complete, and is quite subject to change. Special thanks to Greg Pepin (

Adam uses Gibson Les Pauls, 3 Different Stacks (a Marshall bass head, a Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier, a Dieselhead amp), Seymour Duncan pickups. Ernie Ball, Slinky strings. Effects (mostly Boss pedals): Delay, Flange, Chorus, EQ, a channel switcher for clean/distortion, a wah pedal, and an Epilady occasionally (!).

Adam has 2 rare 1979 Les Paul Customs with Green and Silver metallic bursts. They were discontinued by Gibson because of complaints that the metallic paints was giving the guitar an odd tone. He also uses a Natural finished LP Custom when playing "Prison Sex" live.

Justin uses Wal basses (which he fell for while recording "Ænima"), cabinets by Mesa/Boogie (8 inch speakers), pre-amp by Demeter. Effects: Boss Delay, Chorus, Flanger, and Distortion pedals, and a DigiTech Bass Whammy pedal, used occasionally (for example, at the beginnings of "Third Eye" and "Eulogy".)

This list of Danny's equipment comes from Modern Drummer Magazine (2/97, 8/00) and other sources:

Drumset: Sonor Designer Series 8x14 bronze snare
14x14 floor tom 18x16 floor tom
18x24 bass drum 18x22 bass drum
8x8 tom 10x10 tom 14" RotoTom

Electronics: Simmons SDX pads Hardware: Sonor
Korg Wavedrum

Heads: Remo Emperor + Ambassador Pedals: Axis
Evans (Power Centers)

Cymbals: 14" Paiste Dry Crisp hi-hats 22" Novo China
12" S.F. Flanger Bell 13" Sound Formula Mega Cup Chime
8" Paiste splash 18" Sound Formula Thin crash
18" Paiste Full crash 22" Paiste Dry Heavy ride
20 & 22" Paiste Thin China 20" Paiste Power crash
6" + 8" Signature Splash 14" Signature Sound Edge Hi Hat
18" Signature Mellow Crash, Power Crash
20" Signature Full Crash, Thin China
5" Bell Chime on top of an 8" 3000 Bell
Sticks: Trueline 5A, 5B, Signature. Vic Firth Buddy Rich + SD9

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